What are the Different Types of Freezers

Are you planning to purchase a freezer? Are you confused about what to choose from an array of freezers that are available in the market? If yes, here is a list of the four basic types of freezers. With the rise in trend of packaged food and frozen food items, freezer has become a necessity. Selecting a freezer that will suit your needs well is a daunting task. Have a look at the various types of freezers and take your pick.

Chest freezers
If you want to store food in bulk and have enough space to accommodate a large appliance, a chest freezer is the one for you. Shaped like a large box, it has a hinged lid that opens upwards. If you are planning to purchase a chest freezer, make sure it has baskets, so that the food items can be stored in an organized way. They come in a variety of models including small models, commercial models etc.

Drawer Freezers
Large kitchens or professional kitchens opt for drawer freezers as they provide easy access when the cook is preparing meals. It can be used as a multi-purpose appliance, blending in seamlessly with the cabinetry and the counter space. The freezer can also be custom made.

Portable freezers
If you like traveling, a portable freezer is the one for you. You can carry these small-sized freezers for picnics, boating, outing, etc. The freezer will keep your food fresh. These freezers can be powered through a car’s cigarette lighter outlet.

Upright freezers
The upright freezers are the most preferred and convenient for several reasons. To start with, they save floor space. Secondly, they are easily accessible because of the style of construction of the door. You can stack  food items in an organized way because of the shelving. Upright freezers are typically auto frosting. This category of freezers is priced higher than other varieties.

May it be a chest freezer or a drawer freezer; you need to choose the one that suits your requirements. Follow these guidelines for a better understanding of the types of the freezers.

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