Various antique bathroom vanities that you should consider for your home

Antique bathroom vanities bring grace and charm to your home. Each style of antique bathroom vanity possesses its own unique and distinctive character, thereby enabling it to embellish the unique theme of your bathroom. Every antique bathroom vanity is rustic and comes bearing the classic, old-fashioned aesthetics that are warm, welcoming, and exude charisma. Each one of these precious vanities is handcrafted to bring you the best in terms of durability and quality. They also provide plenty of storage making them practical as well as artsy. They are easy to install and maintain. Many of the antique bathroom vanities are crafted with marble countertops, which serve to not only improve the cabinet’s visual appeal but also add to the durability and effectiveness of the piece. Let us now take a look at a few of the styles of some antique bathroom vanities that are top sellers in today’s market:

  • St. James Single Vanity
    This vanity belongs to the premium collection, and premium collection vanities are the best that money can buy. No expense has been spared when it comes to making these antique bathroom vanities as they are made with Kiln dried wood, which is used in small batches in order to prevent wrapping and drying. The hardware is given a finishing of nickel, and it has eight drawers for storage.
  • Embassy Double Vanity
    This vanity features a crème marble top that is finished and sealed to prevent stains and watermarks. It is made up of solid Birch grade A wood and a decorative wood backsplash is included with the cabinet.
  • Vintage Vanilla Costa Blanca Double Vanity
    The cabinets are finished with a premium undercoat finish for superior moisture and UV resistance on both sides. This vanity comes with two doors, two shelves, and four drawers thereby providing enough storage space. It has a Carrara white marble top with oval white ceramic sinks.
  • Vintage Venetian Single Vanity
    This stylish vanity comes with glass insert outside doors and faux leather middle doors. It has a married Galala Beige marble top with an oval white ceramic sink.

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