Understanding the features of lift chairs

Lift chairs are special chairs that are designed to provide ease of mobility to the elderly. These special chairs have a strong and stable lifting mechanism that operates with a remote control, which is conveniently placed on the armrest of the chair. These chairs are ideal for those people who find it difficult to stand up after sitting for a longer period or otherwise from their seats. The lifting mechanism exerts minimal pressure on the knees or legs of the user and lifts them up with zero effort.

Though the lift chairs look very similar to the standard recliners, they offer a lot of benefits for conditions such as arthritis or other neurological disorders, which make regular movements like sitting and standing extremely difficult. Different types of lift chairs are suitable for people with different conditions.

Lift chair position
The lift chair position does define the ability of the chair to lower and lift the user slowly, but there is more to it. There are different lift recliners with different lift positioning options, which can be suitable for different conditions and health issues.

The lift recliners that have zero gravity positioning or infinite positioning has a separate motor to raise or lower the footrest and the head of the chair independently. These chairs allow people with certain health conditions to raise the feet above the level of their heart, something that is advised to people with diabetes and low blood pressure to prevent edema or swelling in the legs.

There are lift chairs that allow a reclined position that is perfect for sleeping. Such chairs are ideal for people who would spend a lot of time in their chairs reading, writing or watching TV and may want to change the position of the seat to a particular position to suit their comfort. It typically offers 2-position and 3-position recliners offering various comforting positions.

Lift chair size
The lift chairs are also differentiated based on the size. The size of the chair is of importance as the motor that operates the lift seat, or the footrest and head of the chair can work with weight restrictions. Heavy-duty lift recliners, which have dual motors, can be used for obese individuals.

Based on the above basic considerations, the lift chairs vary in their functionality and utility.

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