Types of products offered by True Manufacturing

Headquartered in Missouri, True Manufacturing has been successfully fulfilling the changed demands of its customers worldwide. The raw materials for the manufacture of True commercial refrigerators are also procured locally, thereby providing a boost to the economy. The company has also been happily generating jobs for the American youth and giving them opportunities to advance in their career.

True ensures that all its products cater to the international quality standards. To check whether the refrigerators have been produced as per the specifications, the inspection personnel of the company test runs all the products. This is done before they are released into a lot of final goods so that all units ready for dispatch are in superior condition. Also, the inventory of True commercial refrigerators is timely maintained in the company’s extensive manufacturing facility.

Although made with sustainable technology, True commercial refrigerators are highly efficient and boast of the latest features. A refrigerator is an appliance used in the kitchen that consists of a heat pump to keep the internal compartment cooler than the room temperature. The company offers a wide range of products, clubbed into three main categories namely:

Foodservice products – These include traditional reach-ins, food prep tables, worktops, milk coolers, underbar refrigeration, under counters and chef bases. The food service products satisfy the needs of all individuals whether professionals or amateurs.

Retail and display products – True glass door merchandisers come in a variety of shapes with different capacities to attract customers. Display cases are built with a sleek design to showcase high-end products. Air curtains, on the other hand, are open refrigerators created for a convenient purchase of everyday products.

Residential products – These encompass glass door refrigerators, wine columns, freezer columns, clear ice machines, beverage dispensers and under counter freezers. These refrigerators have been exclusively crafted in elegant styles for food and beverage connoisseurs.

Over the years, True commercial refrigerators have redefined luxury with a touch of modernity. Available in different sizes, these refrigerators can comfortably fit into any kitchen space. True commercial refrigerators are synonymous with grandeur combined with high performance. With such a vast range, True commercial refrigerators have been giving individuals the liberty to redesign their kitchens.

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