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Types of dryers offered by Maytag appliances

Types of dryers offered by Maytag appliances

Maytag appliances comprise of a variety of cooking devices, washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, drying machines and vending machines. The Maytag selection of dryers includes gas varieties and electric ones as well. The Maytag washer reviews give a thumbs-up to the Maytag range of dryers and washing machines.

  • Maytag Drying Machines
    The function of clothes dryers is to extract moisture from your laundry after they have undergone a washing cycle in the washing machine. Tumble dryers are mounted with a tumbler or a rotating drum. As part of the operations of the drying machine, hot air is circulated within the unit for evaporating the moisture, and the tumbler in its rotating position helps to maintain air between the clothes.
  • Maytag appliances manufacture both electric and gas drying machines. They are powered with Maytag technology having advanced features such as moisture sensing, wrinkle prevention, and sanitize controls. These drying units can effectively keep your clothes fresh. Your machine could be a top-loader or front-loader. Maytag offers its patrons a wide array of dryers including steam-based, large-sized, and dryers having drums that are made of stainless steel.
  • Gas Dryers
    Gas dryers are energy-efficient and are equipped with technology such as moisture sensing, rapid dry cycles, and wrinkle prevents options. Keep your clothes free of odors and wrinkles by choosing these drying appliances.
  • The Advanced Moisture Sensing technology of these appliances help to dry clothes evenly by monitoring the moisture and temperature levels. The dryers stop when the clothes are dry.
  • These appliances are useful for preventing wrinkles without applying heat because the clothes continue tumbling even after the drying cycle is completed.
  • The Rapid Dry Cycle control works in conjunction with the washing cycles to dry clothes quickly.
  • Electric Dryers
    The electric-based dryers of Maytag appliances can help to save energy. Similar to the gas-based range, the electric ones are also fitted with superior moisture sensing controls, quick drying cycles, and wrinkle free features.

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