Top two features to focus on while shopping for swing sets 

It’s easy to buy an average swing set which is why a little research can go a long way. From letting kids play safely to adding more years to a swing set’s life, these are the top two features to look for while purchasing swing sets

Five to seven-foot decks
Buying a swing set that has a five-foot deck or seven-foot deck will save your time and money. Five foot decks are great because they are ideal for both early teens and young kids. On the other hand, if your family loves playing on swing sets, then get a seven-foot deck. The whole family will be able to enjoy it. The main difference between buying a four-foot deck swing set and a five foot one is that kids quickly outgrow four-foot decks. Five-foot decks can be modified for different ages and are just compact enough to fit into the backyard. You cannot tell the difference between four foot and five foot (or other) decks online by looking at seller images. Make sure you refer to the technical specifications and cross check because when the product arrives, it might differ when compared to the pictures online.

Go beyond $1,500
If you’re buying a swing set, buy one that’s priced at a minimum of $1,500 or beyond. Swing sets below the $1,500 mark are usually made using cheaper quality materials and could break easily. This is especially the case with the four-foot deck ones which come with 4 X 4 wooden beams rather than with firmer structures. Lack of pre-drilled holes is a problem in these and manually drilling into them can cause cracking and breaking. They don’t last long either, and their warranty is insufficient.
When you buy swing sets beyond $1,500, you get a warranty over ten years, firm beams, and all the flaws you’d usually face with the cheaper ones are out.

The final thing to remember is get ones with solid 4 X 6 beams. These don’t break easily, last longer and are much safer for your kids. Buy a good swing set and enjoy good times for a long time to come!

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