Top three best selling drain cleaners in the market

Homeowners find drain cleaning machines highly effective for clearing out clogged drains as they are easy to handle, portable, and perform with power. Some of the best-selling drain cleaners that have been rated highly by customers are:

  • Rigid 52363 K-400 – Drum drain cleaning machine
    This drum-style drain cleaner from Rigid has a drum-capacity of 100ft and is equipped with a 3/8” diameter cable that helps in clearing out extensively clogged areas in a spontaneous way. Although this drain cleaner is not capable of removing root blockage, its maneuverability cleans out drain blockages. It is easy to transport as it is built in a cart style, and is equipped with a cable control system that stops the drum from spinning when the blade is caught in a blockade or clutter to prevent the drain snake cable from getting damaged or broken. Two other drain cleaners from this manufacturer are the Rigid 34963 K-30 Sink drain cleaner, and the Rigid 58920 K-50 Sectional drain cleaners.
  • Cobra GIDDS – 211332 – Drain cleaning machine
    This Cobra product is sold with a 4-piece cutter set and has a slotted end cable of about 100ft. This Cobra drain cleaner is a powerful machine that can easily clean out 4” to 10” diameter lines within main drains, root blockages, and sewer lines. Even professional cleaners consider this model as a heavy duty performer as it is sturdy and built to withstand rugged and regular use. Due to its heavy duty components, this cobra drain cleaner 90041 model is not easily portable, but it still has a good lifecycle of at least 18 months of full use.
  • Pacific Hydrostar Compact Electric Drain Cleaner
    This drum drain cleaning machine is designed for pipes of 1” to 4” width and has a short 50ft cable that is tangle and kink free. This model from Pacific is sold with four interchangeable heads that include a bulb cutter and a spade cutter to easily maneuver through different stoppages. Although the drum runs on an electrical component, the snake has to be inserted and withdrawn manually.

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