Top 3 bed bug sprays you can consider

Having bed bugs in your home can be a sticky situation, as getting rid of them is not quite easy. You can launder the garments, bedding supplies, curtains, and similar products, but what about the cracks and dents in the walls? What you will need are some best bed bug control sprays. These are perfect for overcoming the damage caused by bed bugs. You will be able to prevent the infestation and eliminate them effectively. So if you are looking for the best bed bug spray, read on.

  • Bed Bug Killer by Eco Defence
    This spray contains components such as sodium lauryl sulfate and Geranium oil. It also comprises distilled water, citric acid, and ethyl lactate. The manufacturer claims that the spray will kill bed bugs as soon as possible and it won’t leave any stains or artificial odor. This spray is retailed at $19.89 and is already quite popular in the market.
  • Bed Bug Killer by EcoRaider
    This bed bug control spray comprises geraniol (1%), cedar extract (1%) and sodium lauryl sulfate (2%). It costs $19.95 for a 16 oz bottle. The product has shown excellent results in destroying bed bugs. The Entomological Society of America Journal Publication named it “the only natural product that kills bed bugs with 100% efficacy”. It kills any bed bugs, even those resistant to insecticides and it is potent on bedbugs in the larval stage and the adult stage. However, it has a two-week residual effect.
  • Temprid SC Killer
    It consists of two powerful insecticides, beta-cyfluthrin, and imidacloprid. Temprid SC is equipped to kill more than 50 kinds of pests and bed bugs are just one of them. It is available both in a $21.55 ready-to-use spray bottle and a $74.95 concentrated solution that must be dissolved in water before use. This is one of the most efficient bug pest control mechanism for your home.

Make sure that you store these away from children and pets and judiciously make use of these bed bug sprays.

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