Tips to maintain a washing machine

Did you buy your machine from one of the ongoing washing machine deals and are now tired of calling the service center, every time your washing machine breaks down?

Most customers share the same grievance. However, regardless of the age of your machine, some simple maintenance tricks can ensure its smooth operation so that your washing machine lasts longer.

Choose your detergent wisely
Picking the best machine from a washer sale does not end your responsibility. To ensure that your machine works adequately, do not use excess detergent as it creates lots of suds, which is difficult to rinse out. If you have soft water, make sure you reduce the amount further. For front load washing machines, you need to buy detergents made for High-efficiency (HE) machines. Rub the dispenser with a kitchen cloth and hot water, in case you are using liquid softeners. Dilute the softener with water when you are using it in an agitator.

Remove finished loads
To prevent musty smells and mildew, remove damp clothes from the washer immediately. Also, keep the door of your washing machine open after the laundry to allow air circulation. This holds good not only for older machines, but also the ones which you may have bought recently through a washing machine deals.

Clean the interiors periodically
Cleaning the machine at least once a month is essential. Here are a few steps that you can follow:

Pour some white vinegar into the dispenser and one cup of baking soda into the drum. In extreme cases, you can also add bleaching powder. Run the machine on the hottest cycle, plus an extra rinse.

If you picked up your new washer recently during one of the washing machine deals, you might have to put in a relatively lesser effort.

You can clean the door’s rubber seal with a solution of water and vinegar.

If you notice that there are problems with water drainage, there is excessive vibration, and the clothes are taking longer to dry, then it indicates probable issues with your drain pump filter. Do not forget to clean your drain pump filter at least once a week.

For people who are planning to buy a washing machine, there are multiple washing machine deals that you can find in the market and on online stores.

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