Tips to improve your exterior doors

Upgrading the front door or the exterior door is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your home’s appeal. If you are looking for a few ways that can help renovate the exterior doors, read on and give a new look to your exterior doors.

Applying a fresh coat of paint to the exterior door – If every exterior door in your block is grey or beige, a simple coat of newer, latex-based paint on the exterior door can make your house stand out. It also provides weather protection and acts as a resistance against peeling.

Replacing old door hardware – Hardware can range from mail slots to exterior door handles, house numbers or kick plates above the entryway. If in case the hardware is old-fashioned, or it doesn’t go well with the overall aesthetic, change is a must.

Dressing up the exterior door with new trim – There are numerous ways to dress up the exterior door without spending substantial amount. One easy way to decorate the exterior door is to replace or substitute the trim around the door with attractive moldings.

Making the exterior door welcoming – A doormat can add a little zing at a low cost. Options include coated foam, vulcanized rubber, twisted coir fibers, and cast iron. Depending on your liking, these mats not only help remove dirt and grime but also can be used to decorate the entrance.

Adding symmetry to the porch –One can add to the charm of the exterior door by refining its surroundings. Use light stands, matching flowerpots to improve entrance’s appearance.

Keeping the exterior door area clean –If the entry area is dirty, even the most impressive exterior doors will fail to impress. Snow, rain, mud, dust, these all contribute to diminishing appeal. It is always advised to sweeping the entryway area and scrub it regularly with soap and water in order to bring back life and to attract everyone’s attention to your exterior door.

Replacing exterior door – At times, exterior door replacement is the best solution. Also, in order to enhance visual appeal, one can also add etched glass.

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