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Tips to grow orchids indoors in water without soil

Tips to grow orchids indoors in water without soil

Being the delicate flowers that they are, orchids require intricate care. Most gardeners use a bark mix to grow orchids. However, an infected mix can cause serious health deterioration. Indoor orchid care is a time-consuming procedure that requires painstaking effort.

However, hydroponics or water culture makes indoor orchid care an easy practice. Most orchids are epiphytic species that require very little soil and prefer air to derive much of their moisture needs.

  • Water culture method of growing orchids requires minimal ingredients like an appropriate container, water, sterile tools and a lot of patience. Using this technique, even a novice can successfully grow healthy orchids. The method uses a rotation practice consisting of two days of soaking in water and five days of drying out. Thus, growing orchids in water allow the plant to be subjected to just enough moisture during the soaking and then even allows the aerial roots to dry to prevent pathogens. This indoor orchid care method closely mimics the plant’s wild experience and allows the roots breathe.
  • Unpot the plant, and remove all the moss and bark bits. Rinse the roots well and make sure you gently cut away any discoloured or rotten material using sterile pruners.
  • Place the orchid in any container with enough room for roots to grow. The container doesn’t need to be very deep, but having high curved sides can help support the plant and keep it from flipping over.
  • Use clay pebbles at the bottom of the hydroponic apparatus to support the roots.It is a good practice to use rainwater or distilled water instead of tap water.
  • Some plants thrive well with weekly water replacements. Others do well with alternate and dry spells. It depends on the orchid plant species, and the weather conditions of the are you are cultivating on. You need to observe your plant for clues on its continued growth and health.

Following these easy indoor orchid care tips will help you grow orchids indoors in water and without any soil.