Tips to buy affordable appliances 

An appliance is a major investment. Unlike carpets, lights, lamps, and other stuff, you can’t give it back or get a refund when you buy it, except in the cases where there are manufacturer defects. Here are top four recommended tips when hunting for appliance deals:

Peer reviews
Have a friend who bought that washing machine from that famous brand? Ask him/her about it. Chances are if the reviews are good and the appliance deals are working out for them, you can make the best selection and forward with yours too.

Avoid impulse buys
Ever bought that bag you never ended up using and wasting money on. That’s what you call an impulse buy. List few reasons you really want it, and list features you essentially need. Wait at least a week or two (or three). If you’re still in the mood for buying, go ahead. Otherwise, you can thank us later for stopping you from buying on a fancy whim.

Know what to look for
Sometimes the fanciest appliance deals get the best of us. Whether you’re a bachelor or a family of five, getting the right appliances for your household will be mostly dictated by your needs. It doesn’t make sense to buy a mega-sized washing machine if you live alone and have only four clothes. Nor does it make sense to buy a tiny oven when your family needs more volume and space for heating up foods. Base your buying decisions on size, features, needs, and frequency of use.

Be aware of space
Attending an appliances sale is cool with all that buying and energy, however, not until you find out that your appliances don’t fit into your household space. Maybe you have a narrow doorway or a steep flight of stairs, whatever the case, make sure your appliance or appliances fit into the comfort of your home (and space). It would be pointless if you buy a gigantic dining table in an 80 X 80 square feet home or for a tiny apartment. Just make sure you do your research and ask the sales person for extra help on this.

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