Tips on landscape designing for small spaces

Decorating gardens is an important asset for the beautification of any home. This is where landscape designs come into the picture. However, due to space constraints, sometimes people are disappointed that they could not execute as they had planned as most of the things they know cater to large scale gardens.

Considering such limitations, here are some ideas for landscape designs, suitable for small scale spaces/gardens.

With right placement of plants and shrubbery, one can create a more roomy and spacious feel for their garden. Ideally, pergolas and arbours are used, but other such compact plants can be easily used as well. Additionally, garden art can be added into the mix.

With the help of a specific layout for the garden, a cosy and comfortable look can be created. Corners can be segregated with the help of fences and beautiful plantings can help add to the overall appeal of the garden and lend a chic look to such landscape designs.

When designing a small garden, make sure you have bright and aggressive colours in front so that an illusion of recession is created, as these colors catch the eye of the viewer first. This illusion helps make the garden look larger.

One of the biggest advantages of having a garden with limited space is to add elements into the mix, which would have gone unnoticed in a larger garden. This includes plants, creative motifs, and designing materials, which are small but intricate.

Plants that are being grown horizontally are the most viable options. This is why these kinds of gardens are ideal for shrubs, dwarf plants, and similar plants of a smaller scale. Make sure that you use those plants that do not block the natural light in the garden.

In a small garden, foliage can play a very important role. Plants that are big and tropical with lush leaves are preferred. This is because they not only create the illusion of size, they also have a cooling effect and help create a good atmosphere.

Landscape designs are not that hard to apply. One can design their small garden with the help of these tips.

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