Tips for safely installing outdoor Christmas lights

Nothing squeals “the holidays are here” the way Christmas lights do! While embellishing your outdoors with different types of lights is the best part of the Christmas preparations, you should take some special measures to ensure safety. This is particularly essential if you live in a neighborhood having small kids and pets. Wondering how you can lend your outdoor space a festive vibe without making hazardous? Continue reading to know more.

If you are planning to hang the Christmas lights all by yourself, then ensure you use a sturdy ladder. While you are doing so remember to use insulated holders and not something unstable such as nails or tacks to secure the lights. Moreover, you should have a suitable power source for the outdoors. Most electricians recommend installing a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) that shuts down as soon as there’s an overcurrent. You can get it fixed permanently or buy a portable outdoor unit that is expected to cost around $20. However, if you own the place, then it would be ideal to opt for a permanent installation.

When it comes to Christmas lights, you should always buy products that are designed to endure climatic or abrasive conditions of the outdoors. So, don’t make the mistake of using indoor lights outside as they don’t have the required insulation. The same goes for extension cords. While picking an extension cord, make sure that it is of the right length as you can be forced to pile up long cords in corners which can make the outdoor Christmas look shabby. While purchasing Christmas lights and other supplies ensure that the products are certified by the Underwriters Lab (UL). Their endorsement signifies that the products adhere to the industry standards set by the American National Standards Institute.

There have been a few incidences involving fires caused by overheated Christmas lights. To prevent this you can switch to LED lights that come with epoxy lenses. These are comparatively cooler than the traditional Christmas lights. Moreover, they consume less power, making them ideal if you are looking ways for controlling the electricity bills during December.

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