Tips for choosing the best home cleaning products

The market is flooded with household cleaning products, each one boasting of crazy cleaning abilities. Choosing a random one from the whole lot can often be a disaster. Sometimes, the way these products are marketed can be misleading. Therefore, to pick up the right one to meet your needs and requirements without burning a hole in our pockets is a difficult task. You can follow the tips below when choosing the best home cleaning products to meet your needs.

  • Know the ingredients: The missing ingredients list or the absence of ingredients list is the first point to watch out for. If the company claims that the cleaning product is safe yet hides the ingredients, it is obvious that the home cleaning product contains hazardous chemicals.
  • Know what to watch out for: Knowing what is harmful and what is not harmful is the key step towards a safer shopping. Look out for ammonia, which is toxic when touched, inhaled or swallowed; glycol which can affect even the nervous system; bleach that is common in most home cleaning products is too strong and irritates the eyes and nose; and phosphates which can cause harm to aquatic animals.
  • Know the label pranks: Now the trend is toward a green and eco-friendly home cleaning products. However, everything that comes with an “eco-friendly,” “natural,” or a “herbal” tag is not always natural, green, or safe to use. Go through the ingredients and make sure you aren’t fooled.
  • Outsmart popularity: Often we fall prey to the popularity trick. There are times when we buy a product just because the name is well known or famous. The company or the brand may be famous for a thousand different products and not just home cleaning products. Blindly believing the tag name and spending a fortune for the same is never a wise decision.
  • Don’t always look the cost: Do not buy a product just because it costs fewer dollars or don’t trust a product because it is expensive. Choosing the right one will prove to be effective in the long run. Your health is of utmost importance here, not your money.

Though most of the products on the shelves boast of being safe and effective, the truth may be different.

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