Things to look for when buying a king mattress

Buying a mattress ought to be a serious matter as it is the place where you move to after the tiring day is over.  You might be looking to revamp the interiors of your bedroom, change the mattress because it might have outlived its utility or simply want to improve the quality of your sleep. Whatever be the reason, one thing is assured that a good sleep at night is the key to healthy living.

Consumers today are spoilt for choice as there are hundreds of mattresses out in the market. But prior to buying one, you must be armed with knowledge about what to look for when buying king mattresses. You need to zero down on the appropriate king mattresses based on their quality, lifespan, comfort, heat retention, support, construction, and composition.

A mattress is made of two main parts, the core which is the “support layer” and upholstery which is the “comfort layer” covered with a thick fabric called ticking. A typical mattress sold in the US is an innerspring core and cotton fiberfill of variety of materials such as latex, viscoelastic or polyurethane. Other than these, there are foam mattresses, which use petrochemical-based foam, memory foam, air or water-filled mattresses.

The quality of a mattress is defined by parameters such as pressure distribution, edge support, and long-term stability. You should also consider other criteria specific to your requirements for king mattresses.

  • A firm mattress is recommended for stomach and back sleepers.
  • Soft mattresses are recommended for side sleepers.
  • Check if the king mattresses are helpful in effectively dealing with problems like sagging, mildew, and staining.

For many years, specialty mattresses like memory foam have ranked higher than traditional innerspring mattress based on average user satisfaction. However, depending on your needs, the best buy need not be the most popular one. The average life span of a king mattress is taken to be 10 to 15 years. Therefore, investing a tidy sum needs a thorough research.

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