Things to consider before installing above ground pool

Above ground pools can be a source of sheer pleasure and refreshment on a hot summer day. Imagine splashing around in your own backyard pool with friends and family! What a wonderful picture right? Especially kids love such pools and it is a great way for them to make friends as well. But there are a few things you must consider first before getting home an above ground pool.

  • Consider the size:  Before installing above ground pools, you must measure the area of your backyard, especially if it is small. Also, if you are planning to get a pool deck for an elegant look, then take into account its size as well. For instance, if you are looking to buy a square pool that is 18 feet on all sides, and a deck that is 7 feet wide all around the pool, then your backyard must be at least 25 feet in length on all sides.
  • Check if the ground is level:  If your backyard or lawn is not leveled, installing above ground pools without correcting the ground can be dangerous. On an uneven ground, your pool will have excess water on one side and less on the other side. This can be a major problem for the pool’s support system.
  • Opt for a DIY above ground pool: A year round pool is something that will be out in your yard in all weathers including winter. Setting it up is often challenging and might require professional help. Also, you will need to maintain it around the year and prepare it for winter. DIY inflatable above ground pools are a better option in such cases. All you have to do before using is inflate it and fill with water. After the summer is over, you can drain, deflate, and stash it away in your garage.
  • Consider the cost of an above ground pool: It is natural that a permanent setup like a year round pool will cost much more than a DIY inflatable pool. Moreover, the cost will depend on the brand you choose. Also, remember that you will need to buy some chemicals to keep the pool clean, almost on a weekly basis. So, do consider that cost.

Above ground pools are great for not only relaxing and spending quality time with your family but also hosting pool parties. So, keep the aforementioned factors in mind and get ready to enjoy summers easily.

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