The best types of bar stools for kitchen countertops

In studio apartments or tiny caravan houses, in large mansions or cottage styled houses, in almost every home, bar stools are becoming a permanent feature behind kitchen counter tops and home bars. Easy to store, to pull up, to sit on for a quick coffee, breakfast, drink or chat, bar stools are some of the versatile furniture pieces to have for extra seating. Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, and being very inexpensive to buy and maintain, bar stools are an elegant accessory to invest for your home. Architects and homeowners use fun, modern, or even quirky styled bar stools for a variety of reasons.

Found in square or round shapes usually, with footrests conveniently placed at correct intervals, bar stools for kitchen countertops can be either at a fixed height or adjustable to suit varying heights. Some bar stools for kitchen countertops come with casters for easy movement. Most come with simple solid clean-lined legs to balance an assortment of differently sized people over its sturdy saddle type, cushioned or hardwood, metal, plastic or wicker seats. They come with low or high backs, and with options of flat or bucket seats. They can be upholstered or tufted in colors such as brown, black, grey, gold, beige, white, red, yellow, purple, blue, metallic, green, etc. to match your color scheme. Bar stools for kitchen countertops are available in heights ranging from 24”- 26” which is the height of most kitchen counters.  Bar stools are a versatile furniture piece that can be ornately decorated or have a clean, minimalistic look to them.

They can be bought as a single mix and match pieces or in sets of 2, 3 or 4, depending on the available space in the kitchen. Costing anywhere between a cool $25 to a whopping $1000, bar stools for kitchen countertops can be made in various designs. They can be designed to suit any Bohemian, Scandinavian, vintage or coastal interiors, contemporary or modern styled homes, kitchens with an eastern or traditional influence, a farmhouse or luxury chic decor, or even an industrial or rustic patterned arrangement.

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