Storm doors – Types, make and more

Storm doors are installed for protecting the house from the stormy or harsh weather. There are different types of storm doors, and you can pick from the ones that suit your specific needs the most.

Here are a few important things that you should know about before installing storm doors.

The triple track storm door come in a combination of glass and aluminum as well as glass and brass.  The main feature is that the glass stores in the door when not in use. The insect screen installed in the door helps in preventing the harmful insects from entering the house.

The storm door can be easily installed within a short period of 2 hours and with minimum tools. The door does not need any sawing or major adjustments which makes it easy to install during periods of emergency.

The door comes with an aluminum frame which is strong and withstands the harsh weather conditions. The door also comes with a bronze frame which is also strong and sturdy. The universal door handler makes it easy to install on the left or right-hand side.

The storm door has four venting positions which aid in proper ventilation. The door is moisture resistant which helps in protecting the house from the harsh weather conditions. The black push button handle comes with a night latch which helps in securing the door.

Some other varieties of storm doors come with thermally tempered safety glass which is much more stronger and safer than the normal glass. The door comes with dual weather stripping feature on the top and sides of the door with a layer next to the handle to increase the protection from weather and make it more energy efficient. The frame of the door is made of stainless steel which makes it much stronger than the normal storm doors. The push button near the door helps in closing the door easily.

Most of the doors come with a 5-year warranty and some even with a lifetime warranty. It is very much important to install the storm doors to block the harsh winds from entering the house.

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