Storage ideas for your bathroom

Pressed for space and battling the chaos of toiletries, makeup, and other essentials on your counter top? Put these bathroom woes aside with a few quick and easy to apply tips. Here’s what you need to do.

Secret closet
Mirrors can be used creatively and can offer smart and space-saving organizing idea. All you have to do is create a cabinet behind a small or full-sized mirror. This way you can store all your makeup and bottles without the visual clutter.

Use a lot of baskets
Using baskets to store your shampoo and other bottles will take up less space and make room for better organization. If you use wooden baskets, it can make the bathroom look great. Hanging these baskets on walls or niches would be better than placing them on shelves.

Overhead shelves
Do not leave the space over the WC unit empty. You can hang shelves in that area to keep your magazines or lesser used toiletries there.

Get a few racks
Do not ignore the area that is under the sink and declare it useless. Instead of putting the dustbin on the floor, hang a dustbin holder inside the cabinet and use the inside of that cabinet for more holders for your toilet cleaning equipment and bottles. You can also create space for bath linen and accessories.

Smart décor
Hang bottles or jars for your makeup brushes on the wall next to the sink. Also, install a bottle holder which acts as the perfect slot for your blow dryer. Design and storage will be established in one neat look! Also, you can decorate a few bath shelves with flower pots or small plants as well. Using such DIY ideas can help furnish your bathroom space in a much better way.

Use the wall space
The wooden plank on top of the bathroom door can be used to store toilet paper or even keep extra toiletries that you do not need to use for a while. It can be treated as a storage space for all the extra things.

These smart storage hacks are convenient to execute, and you would not want to miss out on these hacks the next time you give your bathroom an upgrade.

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