Steps to change garage door panels

The festive season is on, and you would want to renovate the entire house but why leave the garage alone. If you are looking for garage door panels and do not know where to begin with, look for popular manufacturers who can be trusted. Right from garage door replacement panels to if you are looking for garage door repair near your, check out an online search.

Here are a few important stages that go in installing garage door panels. Take a look!

Ordering the panels
It is important to know who made the garage door, and it is then that one can place an order for garage door panels. In the case of old garages, it is important to contact the manufacturer in order to get the right garage door panels.

Removing the Panels
The first thing that is necessary is to ensure that the automatic garage door opener is unplugged. When that’s done, manually open the garage door and remove all the springs. This is important as there are accidents where the door springs open while working on it. This can damage the new garage door panels and cause serious injury.Garage door panels are typically joined to each other and have rollers on the side that allows the door to freely move up and down. Unless the garage door panel is at the top, it is necessary to remove the panels one by one until the main panel that needs replacement is reached. This can be done by separating the top garage door panel from the one underneath it. It might be bolted on and needs to be loosened, and then lifted up until it comes off the end of the track. Do the same for the panel below, until you are able to remove the garage door panel that needs replacement.

Replace the panel
In order to insert a new garage door panel, slide the rollers into the track and then lower the panel down until it touches the panel beneath it. Further, attach or insert a new panel, with the help of screws or a bolt, to the one under it.Then, attach the other garage door panels in the same order in which they were removed until the garage door is back in its place. Here, it is very important to ensure that all the fastenings are tight and the springs are properly fitted in the right places. After this, put the garage door opener back in and check the garage door by operating the opener in order to check that the garage door panels function smoothly.

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