Some of the popular washing machines to buy in 2017

With the market flooded with a whole range of varied washing machines, to choose the one that suits your needs best could be a tough task.

Below listed are the types of washing machines (with their pros and cons) that are available in the market.

  • Fully automatic washing machines
    There is no manual labor involved in a fully automatic washing machine. It has a single tub for washing and drying. There are both front-loading and top-loading versions of a fully-automatic washing machine.

Here are a few pros, cons and comparisons between a front-load and top-load machine that you should keep in mind before you go for a washer sale.

  • ProsĀ 
    If you want to save power and water, opt for a front-loading automated washing machine, else, you may get a top loading machine at a reasonable price.The front-loading version is gentler on clothes and can be used for delicate fabrics. However, top load versions, with advancement in technology, are also recommended.
  • Cons
    Make sure your washing machine is placed in that corner of your home from where you do not have to shift it often since the machine is heavy.A front-loading washing machine may require higher maintenance than a top load machine.
    Automated machines are expensive.
  • Semi-automatic washing machines
    A semi-automated washing machine is an older version, but it is one of the best washing machine deals. It has to be operated partly manually. You are required to add water and also drain it when the wash is over. In this version, only a top-loading variety is available. Before you make a decision.

Here are a few advantages and disadvantages.

  • Pros
    You can save water because, in a semi-automated washing machine, you do not need a steady flow of water.Since you are regulating the wash process, you can also save power.They are easily movable and cheaper as compared to the automated versions.
  • Cons
    You may come across many lucrative washing machine deals for semi-automatic versions. But remember that the washing process is time-consuming, and you will have to be on guard always.Weigh the pros and cons based on your preferences and select the best washing machines deals available on the internet as well as at retail stores.

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