Safety guidelines to follow when removing weeds from the garden

One of the best tools to give to give your garden a clean and tidy look is a weed trimmer. These trimmers are easy to use and efficient in removing all unwanted weeds. Like all appliances, it is essential when using a trimmer to follow a few guidelines to ensure there are no accidents or mishaps.

Wear heavy clothing – While the weed eater is in action, it is very important to wear protective clothing since there will be a lot of debris when the high powered trimmers remove the weeds. Eye goggles and a protective head gear is recommended.

Check the surrounding area – Ensure that the area where the trimmer is being used is free of pieces of glass, small stones, and other items that can cause injuries.

Avoid usage near cables – When using electric weed trimmers, be careful of the wires and cables as there are chances of the insulation on the wires getting damaged which could result in a fire.

Watch out for onlookers – Be mindful of people around you when working with a high powered tool such as a weed trimmer. Dislodged or flying debris can cause injuries and accidents.

Weather check –Avoid using the gas trimmer or any other weed trimmers if the weather is cold and rainy. Wet weeds are difficult to remove and you would be wasting fuel.

Use the apt trimmer line – Depending on the height of the weeds you intend to remove, use the correct trimmer line. For instance, square and star sized lines are used when there are tall and thick weeds, while the common round line can be used to destroy smaller ones.

Avoid alternatives – It is advisable to try different kinds of trimmer lines that come with the machine instead of trying ropes and wires which can damage the appliance.

Gas trimmer precaution –It is advisable to wear gloves and take regular breaks when using a gas trimmer as it causes a lot of vibration that can cause pain in the hands.

You need to be cautious when using an appliance such as a weed trimmer to ensure that there are no accidents when the job is being done.

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