Replacing your old washer and dryer made easy

Did you know that on average, the life expectancy of an appliance is around 11 years? Unless your appliance is a high-end model, you are supposed to replace your appliance once in 8 years. You need to think of replacing your new appliance if it is not covered under warranty anymore and is breaking down quite often. Any appliance that is old or is causing too many repairs is not worth using because they consume too much power as well.

The washing appliances that come with energy stars are the best washer and dryers available in the market. When you are planning to buy a new washer and dryer, go for those that have an Energy Star seal. The Energy Star is given by the Department of Energy and United States Environmental Protection Agency who endorse the appliances that are energy-efficient. The best washer and dryers consume 10 to 50 percent less water and energy than other conventional models in the market.

If you think you cannot afford to buy an Energy Star seal appliance in your normal budget, wait until you get a good deal. Usually, it is said that the washer dryer sale or sale of any other appliances happens in the months of September and October because manufacturers release new models. During this season, you can strike a good deal on most top rated washer and dryers.

When should you replace your old appliances?
Most of us are not good at figuring out when we need to replace our old machines. We keep on using them even when they are worn out and are out of their service. So, here are some smart tips to find out that your machines need to be replaced.

  • Leakage
  • Too much noise
  • Water not filling the drum
  • Appliance older than eight years
  • Sways from one place to another while washing

Before buying your new machine, do your research. Read reviews and ask your family and friends. If you do not have enough space to accommodate a big washer and dryer, go for a washer dryer combo that fits in small space. When you do your research, you have a good chance of buying the best washer and dryers.

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