Prevent allergies by regular home cleaning

It is no secret that our environment has changed drastically over the past few years. Along with the environmental threats, we also face a lot of health issues due to our own unclean home environment. One of them is allergies, the ratio of which has risen dramatically over the years. There are a few things we can do when cleaning our homes which would ensure that allergens are kept at bay:

  • Vacuuming/mopping daily – Everyday cleaning keeps the house dust free and reduces the chances of dust mites and allergies, which can cause asthma.
  • Washing bathrooms regularly – Scrubbing bathroom tiles and floors regularly during the house or home cleaning and airing them after each use will help keep the mold in check. Inspect your shower curtains for mold as well and remember to wash or change them regularly.
  • Cleaning upholstery and sheets – We know our sofas, chairs, and mattresses can accumulate a lot of dust mites and bed bugs, resulting in bad air quality and allergens. This could increase the risk of asthma and other lung-related problems. Regular dusting, airing, and using safe house and home cleaning detergents on the upholstery will help minimize these.
  • Minimalizing clutter – The ever increasing clutter in our households leads to accumulating not only allergens but also dust mites, pet dander, roaches, and termites. The less the hiding spaces that these bugs have, the cleaner and healthier would be your home.
  • Using the right cleaning agents – Using harsh, scented home-cleaning detergents may trigger latent allergy symptoms. Make sure the cleaning agents you use are either organic or herbal and free of strong fragrances.
  • Airing damp areas regularly – Make sure that the areas like basements, garages, and attics are aired and vacuumed regularly to avoid the breeding of damp-loving mites. The more you clean those areas, the lesser allergies in and around your homes.

Remember that the process of the house or home cleaning isn’t restricted just to your homes but to your immediate surroundings as well. Keep the areas outside the home such as backyard and front lawns clean and clutter free. The less the mess, the less the allergies and the healthier your lives will be.

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