Popular brands of snowblowers

Snowblowers are a simple piece of machinery designed to clear fallen snow by blowing it to the side. It is used in cold weather climate when snowfall can block paths and accessways, making it nearly impossible for vehicles or even people to walk through.

Here are the four most popular snowblowers that you can buy before the winter season.

Toro SnowMaster® 724
The Toro SnowMaster® features a unique auger and a drive control unit, making it one of the fastest snow blowers among popular brands in the latest models of snowblowers. While typical snowblowers feature a manual-shift speed control, the Toro SnowMaster has a personal pace drive system that synchronizes the machine’s pace with your walking speed. A simple joystick controls the blower unit to spin. Toro is also one of the more affordable units that you can buy for less than $800, making it the ideal machine to clean up your driveway with parking space for two cars. The machine can easily clear up to 12 inches of snow. However, it is difficult to use the snowblower on unpaved terrain, which is why you must also consider alternatives for gravel and cobblestone roads.

Craftsman Quiet Dual-stage Zero Turn SnowBlower
Craftsman is the perfect snow blower for gravel and unpaved driveways as it features power steering and a better traction system to stay stable on uneven terrain. Similar to the Toro SnowMaster®, the two-stage blower can clear up to 12 inches of snow and can throw it up to 80 feet far in one go. This snowblower is heavier in comparison to popular alternatives like Toro and a hundred bucks costlier as well. However, Craftsman has premium features for the price and an engine that works quietly so as to not disturb your neighbors.

Toro Power Clear®
If you are not looking to spend a lot of money buying snowblowers, the Toro Power Clear® snowblower is one of the more cheaper variants in its class. However, don’t expect the affordable snowblower to do any heavy duty work as it can only clear up to 6 inches of snow comfortably. You also need a flatly paved driveway for the machine to operate on with a maximum blowing distance of 15 feet. This could be a problem for many homeowners who live in extreme weather climates where snowfall over 12 inches is normal during winters.

Troy-Bilt Storm™
If you’re looking for a heavy workhorse, look no more, as the Troy-Bilt Storm™ is perhaps the best premium snowblower in its class. Troy-Bilt can clear over 15 inches of snow and can throw it over a 100 feet distance with ease. However, premium snowblowers come with a hefty price tag, and the Troy-Bilt is no exception; it can be bought for $1,200 from popular home and garden stores and retail outlets.

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