Paper towels – Uses, types and more

Paper towels are used for multiple purposes. You can buy them online and at physical stores. If you are looking for paper towels at a lower price, then you can check out the ongoing discounts and offers in paper towels online. Here are some of the features and uses of paper towels that one should know about.


Paper towels are popular for their ability to absorb fluids. In order to make that happen, once the paper towel is mixed with resin and made into sheets, they are pressed using different shapes to make a quilted appearance. This is done to form air pockets which will draw water and increase the level of absorbency.


There are primarily two kinds of paper towels available in the market- rolled and folded. Rolled towels are mainly used in the toilet. Folded paper towels are available in multifold and bi-fold which are used in restaurants and kitchen primarily. Folded towels are used more than rolled towels. It has been found out that if people used rolled towels more, paper wastage could be reduced between 25% and 30%. The manufacturing processes of making paper towels also divide them into a different kind. White paper towels are bleached using natural substances or chemicals. Light brown paper towels are unbleached or semi-bleached.


Paper towel is used for the gardening purpose as well. It can be used to sprout new saplings for the plant from seeds. Fold paper towels in quarters and spray water on it so that it is wet but not soaked in water. Open the last fold of the towel and put seeds on one-half. Keep enough space between each seed so that they sprout out unobstructed. Fold the paper towel back to its position. Keep spraying water before it dries out completely on a regular basis. The time taken for the seeds to sprout would depend on their types.

Paper towels come handy in various situations. It is a necessity in today’s day and the world. They are easily available in various departmental and online stores. You can choose from a variety of quality and types.

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