Learn about the various fabrics used to make fine bath towels

Bath towels are everyday items that are not only practical but ornamental as well. Fine bath towels can bring about spa-like indulgences after a long and refreshing shower; they can also be the perfect hue to brighten up your bathroom. Before you buy fine bath towels for your bathroom, you need to take into consideration the fabric, weight, construction, size, and color of the bath towel that you would like to invest in.

Bath towel material: Most fine bath towels are made of cotton, but cotton towels vary in their softness, absorbency, durability, and color-fastness. Fabric type is the most important feature when it comes to fine bath towels. Here are some of the most commonly used fabrics:

  • Bamboo bath towels
    Although they can be 100% bamboo, these fine bath towels are made of a blend of bamboo and cotton. Bamboo fine bath towels are lush, supple and color-fast. The bamboo makes a super absorbent fabric. Their rates may vary from the normal bath towel prices.
  • Egyptian cotton bath towels
    Made of the highest quality of cotton, these are the most popular types of fine bath towels. Egyptian cotton fibers are extra-long and highly absorbent, making them the most exquisite way to end your shower routine. It also has a very long lifespan when cared for properly. There are many types of bath towel sets available on the market.
  • Microfiber bath towels
    This is a fairly new material used in making bath towels. Microfiber is made by blending polyester and polyamide fibers. The specialty of this fiber is that it grabs dirt, oil, makeup, and dust without chemicals.
  • Organic cotton bath towels
    These are knitted from cotton intact from unnatural fertilizers or pesticides.
  • Pima cotton bath towels
    They are grown from the same plant used to grow Egyptian cotton. Pima cotton fine bath towels are known for being durable and strong.
  • Turkish cotton bath towels
    These are similar to the Egyptian cotton bath towels. They are made from extra-long fibers. The Turkish fine bath towels are absorbent and are hence ideal to use in regions experiencing warm and humid climate. The Izmir fine bath towels are known for being thick and luxurious.

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