Latex mattresses vs. memory foam mattresses – A comparative study

Mattresses are a necessary item of bedding supplies. We need mattresses to be placed on top of our beds to keep us comfortable during the night or for resting after a long tiresome day at work. We need a restful sleep to increase our productivity at work and a good mattress plays a very important role to help us achieve this.

Among the various types of mattresses available, if you are wondering whether latex mattresses or their memory foam counterparts are more suited for your comfort needs, we have highlighted a few points below that could help you decide.

  • Firmness
    Latex mattresses are firmer than the memory foam ones. This is because the latex ones are comprised of natural materials, whereas memory foam varieties do not contain natural fibers.
  • Components
    If you are looking for eco-friendly mattress options, the latex mattresses would serve your purpose better. The best organic latex mattresses are composed of natural materials such as cotton and wool. However, most latex mattresses available in the market are not fully comprised of natural fabrics. In fact, it is rare to find 100% natural latex mattresses because they are expensive. Companies that manufacture latex mattresses pack only 1-2 inches of the uppermost layers of the mattress with natural materials. The rest of the mattress contains synthetic-based fabrics. Hence, you should check the packaging to know the percentage of natural fibers in the mattress.

    Memory foam mattresses contain plastic materials such as polyurethane in addition to a few other chemicals. The petroleum-comprised memory foam mattresses could contain carcinogens that can be harmful and adversely affect your health.
  • Comfort
    Memory foam mattresses rate higher in comfort features over their latex counterparts. This is because memory foam varieties are soft. Latex mattresses even though firm, are not as soft or comfortable as memory foam ones.

Even though memory form mattresses offer a higher comfort level, the ones made from latex are a healthier option. It is important to weigh all the pros and cons of each type of mattress carefully before you make a decision.

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