Know more about Stihl leaf blowers

Incorporated in 1926, Stihl is a popular chainsaw and leaf blower producer giant from Germany. The company is named after its founder, Andreas Stihl who designed the first electric powered chainsaw. In 1974, Stihl opened its subsidiary in the United States which has its current headquarters in Virginia. Apart from chainsaws and leaf blowers, Stihl offers a wide array of products such as trimmers, brush cutters, gasoline-powered lawn edgers, weed eaters, weed cutters, portable sawmills, lawn mowers, and lawn tractors and other power equipment and tools.

Stihl power equipment and outdoor accessories have been engineered to assist landscaping. The company’s high quality and innovative products make it the most favored brand even after so many years of its inception. You can browse the extensive range of Stihl’s power equipment through its online catalog. The tools sales on various online sites provide great deals that might not be available at exclusive stores.

Stihl leaf blowers are particularly designed for cleaning purposes and work with the help of gas or electricity. These comprise of a nozzle that releases air with the purpose of moving leaves and other weeds and garden waste. At Stihl, a leaf blower is available in the form of homeowner blowers, professional blowers, battery blowers, and electric blowers. It also offers a shredder vac which works both as a shredder and garden blower. Blower accessories such as hip belt and vacuum kit add to the convenience of the user.

This portable sawmill takes no time in converting logs into lumber. However, the drying part is not performed by the portable sawmill. At Stihl, the chainsaw is also used in the portable sawmill called the Alaskan mill. Similarly, as the name suggests, weed eaters and weed whackers are power equipment employed to get rid of weeds. They provide a final touch up after a session of mowing. Brushcutters, on the other hand, provide detailed trimming of the garden. Gas lawn edgers give a spick and span look to your sidewalks. If you want a complete environment-friendly option, you can choose electric brush cutters and lawn edgers.

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