How to pick the best drain cleaner for your home?

With so many brands of drain cleaners available in the market, it becomes quite overwhelming to choose the right cleaner for your home. Here are few features that you should look while narrowing down the best drain cleaner.

  • The purpose of use: This is one of the most important features to look for in drain cleaners. Buy a powerful drain cleaner if you want to clean blocked drains and prevent the problem of choked drains. For daily maintenance, buy a mild drain cleaner. If you have been facing persistent issues with the drainage system, contact a reliable plumber.
  • The cause of blocking: There are many things which obstruct your drainage system on a daily basis. Buy a drain cleaner with a filter to grab the hair and a draining brush that will help you drag the hair out and clean the clogged drain. For kitchens, use a cleaner with fragmentation for easy cleaning of jammed food articles.
  • Chemical elements used: Check the chemical elements used while buying the drain cleaner. Look for organic drain cleaners if you do not want to use harsh chemicals in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet drains.
  • Cost: Drain cleaners are both expensive and cheap. The cost depends on the brand and type of drain cleaner you are going to buy. It is not at all necessary that an expensive cleaner is more effective than the cheaper one. Similarly, it does not mean that a cheaper drain cleaner won’t be that effective.
  • Brand: Do not depend on the brand name when buying a drain cleaner. Try out two or three different drain cleaners so that you could gain a clearer perspective.
  • Check for the warning: Make sure you check for additional warnings before you buy the drain cleaner.

If you have an old pipe system, then refrain from using concentrated drain cleaners as they can damage the pipes further. In such cases, it is better to seek the services of a plumber. 

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