How to keep your pets free from fleas

Keeping your pets free of fleas is a tough job. You must agree that the primary source of fleas in your home are your pets. Fleas easily get lodged into the fur of your dog or cat and enter your premises. These fleas may not affect your pet’s skin. But they do cause irritation, redness, and swelling of the human skin. So the first step to keep your home free of fleas is to make your pets flea-less.
There are many home flea treatment options that you can use on your pets to keep them flea-free. Some of these treatments include the following.

  • Treat grassy lawns with nematode
    Pets tend to spend their time outside. It’s only natural. They love to play in backyards and parks. So the best step you can take is to treat your outdoor areas with a natural product that is perfect for controlling fleas. This natural product is a tiny worm called nematode that feeds on flea larvae. This is mixed with water and then applied on the lawn and other grassy regions. Usually, this works within 24 hours, and your garden will be 90% flea free.
  • Bathe your pet
    This is the easiest home flea treatment, where you bathe your pet with a thick foam of soapy water. A dense layer of the foam, if left for more than 5 minutes, will drown the fleas. However, this kind of bath may dry up your pet’s skin, so don’t do this often.
  • Use lemon spray
    This home flea treatment has shown striking results. Boil a thin slice of lemon with water. Cool it down overnight and use a spray bottle to spray the solution on your pet’s skin. Use a comb to spread the solution, deep within the fur.
  • Lavender oil
    Lavender oil is a good flea repellent. Dab some lavender oil on your pet’s neck and its tail. Your pet will not only remain flea-free but will also smell great.

Keeping your pet clean and tidy is a huge part of home flea treatment as it doesn’t cost you anything and your home will remain pest-free.

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