How to fix an inflatable water slide

Inflatable water slides are extremely popular, and everyone loves to own one. They are super fun to have but what will you do if a problem occurs and you do not know how to repair and save the most beloved pastime of your kid. Don’t fret, as the following article covers the most common problems that can arise with an inflatable water slide and remedies to fix them.

  • Buildup of mildew
    Mildew, or commonly known as fungus, can quickly build up on your slide if you pack your inflatable water slides before letting it dry completely. It is essential to let the slide dry thoroughly before wadding it away. Clean any mildew build up as soon as you notice otherwise it may damage the canvas.

Steps to fix the buildup of mildew:
Step 1: Place a dupe at the base of the slide to protect it from any kind of dirt and then fully inflate it. This will protect your slide while you are using it.
Step 2: Spray a disinfectant in the area where there is an extra build up of mildew and keep the slide inflated until it’s dry. Don’t wash the applied disinfectant; let it dry along with slide.

  • Slit or punctures
    The fixing of the slit or a puncture in the fabric of your inflatable water slides depends upon where it is and what is the size of it. It is apparently the most common problem that occurs in the inflatable water slides.

Steps to fix the slit or puncture:
Step 1: Find the slit. If you are unable to find out where the slit is, spray some soapy water over the assumed area of damage and watch out for bubbles and then cover it with masking tape.
Step 2: Sew it with strong thread and needle from the kit. Use that to sew the cut and fix it. Use glue to place a cloth to cover it. Allow it to dry before you pack it away.

  • Splitting joint
    The splitting joint in inflatable water slides is the most difficult problem to repair. First, sew it with thread and needle and then secure it with a patch of cloth. To check whether the fix is done or not, turn on the blower and scrutinize if the slide holds air.
  • Broken blower
    If the blower in the inflatable water slides unit is giving you bad results, mostly you will have to replace it.

Follow these steps for fixing the problems so that you can enjoy the inflatable water slides all through summers.

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