How to clean the water filter of a refrigerator

Today’s modern refrigerators are commonly fitted with a water filter system that provides purified water and ice. These refrigerator water filters are commonly situated on the grille at the refrigerator’s base, or embedded next to the refrigerators electrical compartment, and can be easily removed for cleaning by simply turning the filter in a counterclockwise motion before pulling it out. Some models have the water filter released through the push a button that is placed at an accessible point on the refrigerator. You have the options of either cleaning the filter or replacing it with a new one based on the level of deterioration of the filter.

The simplest way of cleaning your refrigerator water filter periodically is to:

  • Clean out the residue on the filter with a dry brush
  • Soak it in a gentle cleaner or specific refrigerator water filter cleaners for a few minutes, and then rinse off with running water. Avoiding adding water pressure to the filter is crucial to avoid damages.
  • Rinse completely till the water is clear and never touch it with dirty hands after washing. Allow the filter to dry out and then fit it back into its position securely.

When you notice that there is a highly decreased or irregular flow of the water purifier, then you know that the main issue could be with a clogged filter. Sometimes the ice cubes being produced may be generated as slightly muddy or discolored than the regular quality of ice cubes you get on your refrigerator. However, some models are equipped with sensors that indicate that your refrigerator’s water filter is malfunctioning. These extreme indicators are the blips that tell you that your refrigerator water filter needs replacement.

Most often, a simple indicator of the change in taste of your water can clearly indicate that your water filter needs replacement. Naturally, water filters tend to lose their durable function of filtering out contaminants as it gets worn out over age. Periodic cleaning and replacement can ensure that the water quality has never compromised your health.

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