How to choose the right type of outdoor playset for your kids?

Outdoor playsets with their accompaniments of attractive and interactive features seem tempting to parents and children alike. And because of this particular characteristic, you might want to purchase a complete package, as a long-term investment. However, you need to resist the urge of buying an outdoor playset if it does not meet your child’s developmental needs. A favorable factor is that most outdoor playsets can be upgraded or expanded as your child grows. The right strategy is to concentrate on what your child’s current age, which will help you make the most viable choice.

Kids below the age of two 
Toddlers can barely balance themselves on their feet with much of their playtime spent crawling and cruising. Features like low ground, small sets of stairs or ramps are important in an outdoor playset meant for toddlers as they are easy to navigate. Play options like bucket swings or baby swings, glider swings, tunnels with bubble panels, open slides, sand or water tables and accessories like wheels, telescopes or megaphones make the outdoor playset apt for your toddler.

Kids between the ages 2 and 5 
These tiny-tots are a little firm-footed; eager to jump, leap and climb. Their outdoor playset should be lower than 6ft. Short ramps with rock-climbing inspired grips, lower swing beams or horizontal ladders, tube and spiral slides, belt swings and tire swings or horse rider swings are some of the features that should be a part of playsets designed for a 2 to 5-year-old.

Kids older than age 5 
Kids who are 5 or older need an outdoor playset that can help them develop muscle strength, balance and build hand-eye coordination. Ideally, the playset should not be higher than 8ft off the ground. Large rock-climbing ramps, cargo nets or rope courses, taller horizontal ladders, trapeze bars or rings, fireman’s poles and buoy ball or disc swings are some essential features of a playset that are suited for this age group.

Choosing the right outdoor playset for your kid’s age is important from both, a safety and developmental point of view. Examine the playset on a regular basis for hazards that might have emerged in time and could hurt your child.

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