How to buy the perfect mattress at a serta store

Serta stores offer various mattress choices, ranging from memory foam to innerspring coils that are technologically advanced, to suit the needs of every buyer’s sleep preferences. In order to make these choices simples, Serta lists its mattress type on its online store and then allows for the buyer to pick a retailer to try out and buy the final choice.

Serta stores recommend following the below steps for effectively picking a mattress of your choice:

  • Locate the local Serta retail store
    Just a simple search on the Serta website gives you the location of your nearest store, and also allows you to read up on its offerings in the online store for making your shopping easier.
  • Plan and then visit
    Instead of just showing up a store and trying to pick a mattress, consider the features of your desired mattress and compare them with your current bed. This will help short the list the essentials you are looking for in your new one. Remember to factor in the size, the number of users, use for children (if any), and dominant sleep position. Serta stores offer an online easy mattress selector page for narrowing down your choices based on its offerings.
  • Take it for a test-ride
    When heading into a Serta store, be ready to try out each mattress of your choice by lying down in your sleep position to get a true feel of the mattress. This will help you to find out any discomfort that could possibly affect your sleep. Make sure to try with a pillow similar to the one you regularly use.
  • Question your choice
    Make sure to ask yourself these questions when trying out each mattress. Is it feeling comfortable? Are you feeling supported in the right position or is there stress on your spine?
  • Finalize the deal
    Once you have confidently selected one, buy it and schedule the delivery. Don’t forget to get a mattress cover that will protect your mattress and keep it comfortable while sleeping.

Serta stores are really great when it comes to complete customer satisfaction and variety of mattresses to choose from.

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