How can you revamp your used furniture?

Trying to furnish your home can be a tedious task and burn a hole in your pocket. You can avoid the cost of buying new furniture through cost effective ways. One such being – used furniture. Yes, you can revamp old and used furniture to suit your taste and use them in your home.

Here are some cost-effective and creative ways to refurbish and reuse old furniture:

Spray painted metal chairs
Do you have old metal chairs lying around which you may have found while cleaning out the garage or attic? Give these chairs a makeover with spray paints. Spray paints would not only help to protect the chairs from rust, but you would also get great looking chairs for your living room or patio. Color them in pastel shades to give them a modern and chic look.

Wallpaper table
Have you ever thought of using wallpaper on a wooden table? These wallpaper tables are perfect for your study or home office. A stunning wallpaper design, some glue and voila, there you have it, a unique table. The best thing is that you can easily change the wallpaper on the table if it were to get dirty or if you wanted a different pattern, design or color.

Stenciled chairs and tables
This innovative idea for your used furniture may be just the thing that you were looking for. Cut a stencil out of cardboard, place it on the furniture and either spray paint it or use acrylic paint. For best results, try a leather surface to apply the stencil on. The stencil designs can be bold, and eye-catching that reflect your personality.

Upholstering and reupholstering
Most chairs are put away, for the sole reason of seat cushions being damaged or unusable. With upholstered chairs, you can reupholster them using new fabric. Add embellishments to make them look attractive. You could replace the wooden seat base of a chair with upholstery. It will be a welcome change, and your used furniture will look amazing!

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