Here’s what you should know about storm doors

The storm doors are sturdy doors that can withstand tough weather as well as look appealing. They are available in various sizes with different features to suit the requirements of various homes.

Some of the storm doors come with flexible pet flaps with an opening to allow pets inside. The doors come with a magnetic bottom sweep that helps in protecting from harsh weather and drafts. The security panel comes with an option to keep the flap opening closed when not in use.

The storm doors come with a tear-resistant screen which is stronger than the regular screens. This tear resistant screen keeps the house safe from insects and dust during harsh winds and storms. The durable metal frame helps in protecting the door from movements of the pets.

The doors are designed with bottom expanders so that they close the sills and seal the spaces to stop the harsh winds and rain from entering the house. The storm doors help in protecting the house from harsh weather conditions and harmful insects.  The weather stripping helps in sealing the door from the harsh weather conditions.

As these doors have to be attractive, these doors are designed so that the handles match the color of the frames. The inside lock feature protects the house from the theft and adds security to the house. The hinge locator holes provided in the door helps in fitting the door to any requirements of the entrance.  The easy installation makes it easy to install which can fit any requirements.

The storm door comes with a lifetime warranty with mid view. The strong aluminum and steel frames provide durability and strength to the door. The glass door enables the residents of the house to have an outside view. These glass panels also allow the natural light inside the house which saves a lot of power. The overlapping edge helps in sealing the door to the maximum possibility which makes it strong and efficient.

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