Getting the right drain cleaning tool for all your plumbing needs

Drains are a neglected part of many households until a problem gets spotted. A clogged up drain, toilet, etc., can cause pesky problems that could cause serious damages to the physical structure as well as in terms of cost if left rectified in a timely manner. Having the right plumber drain cleaner can help maintain the drains and correct the damage before your house has flooded with dirty water. The market has a wide offering of drain cleaning tools that can be used by both homeowners and professional plumbers to take care of any complex situation. These tools can be simply mechanical or technologically advanced and will perform any type of plumbing solution need for drain cleaning.

  • Basic forms of drain cleaning tools
    Two of the most common types of drain cleaning tools are the drain snakes and the augers. When a clog that can not be repaired by using a simple liquid drain cleaner, drain snakes can help fix the problems such as hair or vegetable waste stuck in the drain pipes. Another useful tool is the long metal sticks with augers to grab the clogged material and release the flow of water into the drains. These plumber drain cleaners are simply mechanical in nature and are apt for smaller fixes.
  • Using the electric draining tools
    A heavy clog that is irremovable by the above methods can be cleared up using an electrical power driven tools such as drums, water jetters, or auto-clean sink machines.
  • Drums and water jetters
    Depending on the type of blockage, a drum helps deliver high torque water to be rushed through the obstructed drain pipe in order to clear out the clog with force. Clearing out drains off food build-up, sediment, or tree roots can be managed efficiently using drums as they run on high-rpm driven induction motors. Water jetters are used to remove the clogs in the same way but with higher PSI. These types of plumber drain cleaners are useful for dense waste removal.
  • Auto-drain sinks
    These types of sinks are still evolving to provide optimum support through the integration of automatic modes of technology to unclog drains from a higher level that have narrow and hard to reach fittings.

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