Getting the best coffee machine for your office

The market offers a wide variety of coffee and espresso machines to fit the unique needs of each office. Each coffee machine has its own set of functions and features and is available in a great range of prizes to suit the best investment for your office.

Compact coffee machines
For offices that are small and have a lack of space for big pantries can choose the popular Jura Ena 3, which is only 23.8 cm wide. It is the slimmest coffee maker in the world. This office coffee machine has easy-to-brew coffee with adjustment for water strength and coffee dose through a colorful digital display.

Another popular choice of office coffee machines for small offices that have a limited budget is the Francino Cherub 1 Group coffee machine. This office coffee machine can brew two cups of coffee simultaneously and churns out about 50 cups a day easily. The Francino Cherub is a great choice for making the perfect lattes, espressos, and cappuccinos as it is suitable for both ground coffee and pods. It also has a three-liter water tank as well as a hot water outlet for easy brewing.

High output coffee machines
For offices that require regular and high volumes of coffees instantaneously, the Douwe Egberts C300 is an apt choice as a high-efficiency brewer. These office coffee machines cater to different blends – regular, and decaf – with its easy-to-set program options. The Douwe Egberts caters about 1700 cups per hour and is an efficient tome brewer for large factories and offices.

Although not equal to the Douwe Egberts, the Qualita Vittoria (tall cup) is an efficient coffee brewer for those who want a quality machine that brews tasty cups of fresh coffee at great speeds. This coffee machine is available in two models that can give out about 240 cups or 360 cups of freshly brewed coffee per hour.

The market has various other brands including Starbucks, Nespresso, Bunn, DeLonghi, Jura, Lavazza, etc. that offer different types of coffee brewers for the office with great pricing.

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