Four top tips for ensuring garage door safety

Your garage door is the biggest and bulkiest object in your home. Every year, there are thousands of mishaps with more than 15,000 hospital treatments for injuries caused by garage doors. To keep you and your family secure, follow these garage door safety tips.

  • Use remote pass code encryption
    Some garage doors are password protected with a one-time key for authorizing access to family members and delivery boys. Although this is convenient, just to play it safe, add remote pass code encryption. It sets passwords from your mobile app and prevents unauthorized access and an extra layer of security. Remote apps help you open the doors from afar, with the option of keying in the encryption key manually on the garage door’s numeric keypad.
  • Test the safety sensors
    Garage doors are designed to allow entry (or open up) when an object approaches them or block’s the path. If you walk towards the door and it doesn’t seem to reverse its closing direction, inspect it further and consult the manufacturer or a respected professional.
  • Keep the fingers away
    Another safety tip is to keep the fingers away from the joints located between the panels of garage doors when they close. Fingers getting caught between the doors is a leading form of injury.
  • Place controls away
    Keep the garage door controls significantly away so that your kids can’t access them. This will keep them safe, cause no hassles, and leave you stress-free. Educate your children on the importance of garage door safety and teach them that they are not toys to play with. When your kid is acquainted with security guidelines, accidents can be easily prevented.

Apart from price, new garage door purchase criteria must include the above safety tips. Putting them into practice will go a long way and keep your family safe. Carry out professional inspection and maintenance of your garage door, investigate its flaws, and ensure it’s used the right way.

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