Five popular and efficient farming equipment

In recent years, there have been many new introductions of machines in the field of agriculture. If you are looking for some new and efficient farming equipment to consider, then this list might help you.

Forage harvester
A forage harvester (also known as a silage harvester, forager, or chopper) is a machine that is used for chopping forage plants to make silage. Silage is grass, corn, or another plant that can be chopped into small pieces, and collected together.

A swather is a machine that cuts hay or small grain crops; it then forms them into a windrow. A swather is used for cutting grain and storing stuff in windrows for later threshing and cleaning. After a swather cuts the grain, it dries to an optimum moisture level that is suitable for threshing. As harvesting can be moved to an earlier date and grain can be dried soon after, a considerable amount of grain loss can be prevented.

A baler is a machine that is used to compress cut crops into compact bales for easy transportation and storage. A baler is also called as a hay baler. One of the key features of the balers is that they are configured to dry and preserve some intrinsic values of the bundled plants. There are different kinds of balers with varied designs. Note that these balers are available in rectangular, cylindrical, strapping, bound with twine, and wire designs.

A mower cuts the harvest and helps in crushing the crop and making it dry. To cut grass for hay or silage, large mowers are used. These are referred to as mower conditioner. A mower is a must-have farming equipment in your stock.

Compact tractors
A compact utility vehicle can be considered as one of the most important farming equipment as it can be used for various tasks such as building, mowing, digging, tilling, etc. There are many types of compact utility vehicles available, and you can choose the right one depending on your requirements such as the terrain and size of the farm.

Although this is not an exhaustive list, it is definitely a list of farming equipment that you can begin with.

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