Five essential farming equipment

If you are new to farming, arranging farming equipment can be a difficult and overwhelming task. Here is a list of five essential farming equipment to be considered.

Compact tractors
A compact tractor or farm utility vehicle (an ATV or a cargo-ATV) is a very important engine for your farm. Compact tractors are all-round machines that are extremely useful for small farms or gardens. It can be used for mowing acres of land, digging the soil, baling hay, pushing snow, and setting fence posts. If you have a small farm under 60 acres, you can get everything done for a lower cost than a tractor. Two-wheel drive tractors are good enough for flat terrains but for difficult terrains like hilly land, a snowy climate, or muddy grounds, it is advisable to invest in a four-wheel drive.

Handcarts are one of the most useful farming equipment on this list. They are lightweight, yet they carry heavy loads easily. Generally, they are solid and balanced even on an uneven ground. Additionally, they are easy on the back as well. They are useful for transporting topsoil, plants, seed, fertilizer, manure, or tools. While working on a farm, there is so much that needs moving, that it is a must to invest in a decent handcart.

Composting is one of the most environmental-friendly practices in farming. Waste can be reduced along with increased soil and plant nourishment. Many small and big composter units are available today. For small yards, the tumbling units are a good option.

Electric tools
A circular saw and a drill/driver (preferably the rechargeable battery operated type) are two of the most useful electric tools among your farming equipment. These two tools are versatile and can be used for various jobs, Therefore, it is a good idea to invest in good-quality products.

Pickup truck
Pickups can be considered one of the most important long-term investment for your farm. You need them for carrying supplies, firewood, and much more. Along with a trailer, you can transport livestock as well.

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