Explore the different types of outdoor swimming pools

Who doesn’t want a beautiful swimming pool in their backyard or patio? A well-designed swimming pool in the comfort of your home’s outdoors offers a perfect place to unwind with family and friends. From leisure to luxury, these outdoor swimming pools will do your money justice. To help you know better, here are some of the popular types of swimming pools.

  • Regular pools
    Regular pools come in average sizes. This one covers a certain area of the ground and can be referred to as ‘in-ground’ pools. This also is the most commonly preferred option amongst buyers.
  • Infinity pools
    The infinity pool design draws the edge of the pool towards infinity, creating an illusion of spaciousness. These are pretty cool to look at and are a trendy choice for swimming pools.
  • Lap pools
    If you are into competitive swimming or want athletic training out of your pool, then lap pools are an ideal choice. These are used for swimming laps from one end to the other and come in a skinny, long, rectangular design. They can also be used as regular pools.
  • Zero-entry pools
    Swimming pools that open up gradually inside a beach-themed backyard environment are known as zero-entry pools. These are savvy to look at and often give kids a reason to glee with joy.
  • Swim spas
    Swim spas are pools designed for relaxing and can be heated up to serve as a hot tub or a massage spa.
  • Plunge pools
    If luxury is a necessity, then the plunge pool is for you. These are small, compact, and designed for dips and cool-offs, in the courtyards or backyards.
  • Exercise pools
    Exercise pools are ideal for swimmers who love good training. Jets of water push against you in waves, which create a suitable environment for practicing various strokes and performing swimming sports exercises in the pool. You don’t need to move around while swimming or even flip around since they are designed that way.
  • Above-ground pools
    These swimming pools are constructed above the ground with deck-like designs. Ideal for tight-budgets, these provide a resourceful and creative touch.

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