Essential things you need to know about drain cleaners 

When there is a problem of drainage in your kitchen sink or bathtub, it becomes an annoying affair. A blocked drain can turn into a smelly one and turns into a huge hassle if not resolved on time. For many people, a quick solution to this frustrating issue is a chemical drain cleaner. But, before you put the drain cleaner down your drain, look at the pros and cons of them listed below.

Pros of using drain cleaner at home:

  • It’s easy to use: The drain cleaners don’t require any particular skill; you just have to open the packet and pour it down your drainage. They are quite easy to use and are a perfect quick solution.
  • It works fast: The drain cleaners clear most of the blocks within a few minutes. You do not need to put that extra effort to remove the clogs.
  • It is very cheap: It goes without saying that these cleaners are very cheap and easily available in the market. It costs you only 10 bucks, a tiny percentage of what you pay to a plumber.

Cons of using drain cleaner at home:

  • It is hazardous: The cleaners are made of chemicals, and its substances can be very harmful if not used correctly. There are two types of drain cleaners: acidic and alkaline. The acidic variant is made with the much hazardous sulphuric acid and alkaline which can prove to be harmful to the skin and eyes if not used wisely. Uninformed usage can also harm ground water.
  • It cannot clear all types of blocks: These drain cleaners can quickly clear the simple blocks such as a lump of hair but the same product may not be able to clear the tougher clogs created by solid particles. It does not work on blocks under stagnant water.
  • It can cause damage: The cleaners contain chemicals which can soften the PVC pipes if used very frequently. It can corrode the pipe, weaken and destroy the entire piping system.

If you have continuous blocking and drainage problems, it is better to seek the services of a plumber. Repeated use of hazardous plumber drain cleaners may negatively affect your home and its well-being.

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