Effective insecticides for mosquito control in homes

Mosquito control is something that every homeowner should regularly take care of. This ensures that your home is mosquito free and the breeding grounds are cleaned off. Preventing stagnation of dirty water in your house will ensure eradication of mosquitoes, but this may not be adequate when you have a greater strength of infestation. In such a time, only pesticides can help you.

Using a pesticide will not only kill the mosquitoes, but it will also destroy the larvae. You must use these popular insecticides for an effective mosquito control.

  • Malathion
    Malathion is an organophosphate that is widely used as an insecticide on crops. They bear good results by killing insects, and they are quite useful to kill mosquitoes as well. Malathion kills mosquitoes by disrupting the insects’ central nervous system. You can directly spray on the bushes of your garden, as they will not harm the plants, but they will destroy any larvae and mosquitoes breeding there. You can also use a 5% solution of malathion to fog your yard and get rid of mosquitoes. Exposure to a small amount of malathion is not at all harmful to humans.
  • Permethrin
    Permethrin belongs to a group of chemicals called pyrethroids. Permethrin is a synthetic form of a natural pesticide that is found in chrysanthemum flowers. This insecticide is usually mixed with oil and water and then sprayed as a mist on the lawn, bushes and your backyard as a form of mosquito control measure. A measurement of 1/100th of a pound per acre is followed for using this chemical. It must be noted that even though Permethrin is not toxic to humans and pets, it is fatal for fishes and bees. So you must take care while using this insecticide if you have a fish tank or a fish pond in your backyard.

These two insecticides are also available as sprays in a diluted form. You must take special care and use these, especially during monsoons. Ensure that you keep these away from children and pets, store them in an inaccessible area, such as outdoor sheds, basement, attic, etc. Also, remember not to use these if you or your loved ones have any specific form of allergies.

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