Easy home flea treatments that you can use

Fleas are bothersome creatures, as they cling to your skin, thereby causing redness, itching and swelling. But getting rid of them is hard as they can easily be carried into your home by your pets or they can simply enter through any opening, such as windows or doors. There are a number of natural home flea treatment ways that you can opt for to treat a flea infestation. However, sometimes you need strong chemicals or pesticides to drive them away.

Here are a few types of flea control measures that may interest you.

  • Diatomaceous Earth
    Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a silica-based dust. This home flea treatment helps to dry out and abrades flea eggs and flea larvae. It can be applied under the carpets, along baseboards, and on the cat scratching posts. Leave it for a few days to a week and then vacuum it all up. It can also be spread across the lawn, backyard or garden. It is not toxic, even when it is accidentally consumed; however it is not good to breathe the dust, as it irritates the lungs.
  • Prescription veterinary drugs
    You can use prescription drugs to treat fleas on your pests. But before using these drugs, you must consult your pet’s veterinarian. There are several kinds of prescription flea control drugs available in the market. They are sold as topical (spot-on) treatments, oral (pill-form) treatments and injections. Topical treatments present a risk of exposure from residue on pet fur to children and pets. So take necessary precautions to be safe.
  • Aerosol sprays
    You can use aerosol sprays, foggers and flea bombs as effective home flea treatment to kill fleas. If you plan to use these, make sure that there are no kids in the house and it is best that you leave the house once you have used these pesticides. Keep your house locked and return after a day or two. These pesticides are effective for home flea treatment. But before using any high-grade pesticide, it is always advised that you explore other options for the safety of your health and your family.

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