Designing an outdoor kitchen

The popularity of outdoor kitchen has seen a rise in the past few years. They have become popular as they offer beauty, comfort, luxury, and entertainment. It is an outdoor kitchen area where we can cook food on the grill as well. Many companies are now building different components for outdoor kitchens such as dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens, big grills, drawer system, TV, sound systems, etc. A strong understanding and knowledge of kitchen design principles are crucial for its implementation. Outdoor kitchens help to entertain guests and can help to think beyond the conventional cooking space.

Designing an outdoor kitchen is a time-consuming process and is based on consumer’s lifestyle. The basic design is as follows:

  • It should be located close to the indoor kitchen in the vicinity to the sink or fridge.
  • Basic requirements of water, gas, electricity require a permit from the local building department.
  • Hot and cold water lines should be installed below the sink.
    Electrical circuits for appliances such as blenders grill, TV set, water heaters, etc. should be provided.
  • Outdoor umbrellas provide outdoor shade solution to furniture arrangements and protect it from environmental damage.
  • Outdoor kitchens design is a place to cook outside either on a porch, garden, meadow, or beach. An outdoor kitchen can be temporary space with food cooked on a portable grill or an inbuilt grill with a permanent installation. Outdoor umbrellas are also frequently used in outdoor kitchens. There are two types of outdoor umbrella like market and cantilevered umbrellas to serve the purpose of shading in outdoor conditions.
  • Market outdoor umbrellas are used with dining table and a tilting mechanism at their tops. They are straight and symmetrical with a pole at their center. Cantilever outdoor umbrellas help provide shade in difficult-to-shade areas. An outdoor kitchen provides pleasures of the natural world in the open area with the convenience of an enclosed room. It offers inspiration for adding new features to our kitchen.

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