Customized name tags using digital printing

A common dilemma when buying metal name tags is to know whether printing or engraving would look better on the custom name tag. Digital printing is one of the greatest innovations that has been brought on by the progression of imprinting technologies. Using this modern technological feature, you can imprint the logo or name of your business onto the surface of the metal tag in various colors and textures at an affordable price. The logo or name (or any other matter required on a custom name tag) can be easily printed through a screening process. However, a simple scratch can wear off the contents printed easily. With the use of the digital process, the contents printed are actually transferred into the metal tag’s surface, almost like embedding. This not only brings out the clarity of the content but also constitutes durability of the custom name tags. The best part is that anything that is created on the screen digitally can be effortlessly transferred to a metal name tag, thereby allowing for creativity to be unrestricted by style or colors.

Engraving, on the other hand, is the process of etching content onto the metal name tag’s surface using a diamond-tipped tool that drags its tip and scrapes away at the metal to create the desired print. While the engraved material looks like a fine line read due to the tool’s tip, these custom name tags are pretty hard to read from a distance. And the application of coloring to lettering is achieved by using an oxidized liquid that looks solid when etched but fades over time and exposure. There is always the restriction on font and color as the finished product may not be as fine as the digitally printed name tags.

Getting the help of professional name tag printers can help you to customize your metal name tags to your required style and occasion. Choosing the digital process is any day better than the traditional engraving methods as it allows for clarity and durability. Also, there is no restriction on content or space when printing out matter on to your personalised metal name tags.

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