Best brands of memory foam mattresses

Memory foam mattress has an outstanding feature of being compressed with the weight of the person lying on it, but returning to its original shape as soon as the pressure is removed. People who generally suffer from joint pains, back aches and other muscle and bone related complications, are highly recommended to use memory foam mattresses. With memory foam mattress, sleeping can be more comfortable.

There are many brands available in the market. Certain brands or models provide different benefits to people with different requirements. There is no such brand that can be termed the ‘best’ brand for memory foam mattress. Each of them has several unique features to suit its users. Therefore, it is recommended to take a quick look at the following brands of memory foam beds before you pick the one needed for your bed.

  • Layla
    Layla offers a unique twist. It stands out in the crowd. Among the various options of memory foam mattresses available in the market, this one offers two firmness options. But they are relatively softer than the others. The soft nature makes Layla the preferred choice for side-sleepers. The brand uses infused copper in their product which helps mattresses to stay cool.
  • Loom & Leaf
    It is the most popular and highly rated brand of memory foam mattress available online. It has great specifications. It offers comfort and is durable in nature. This mattress comes in three forms- soft, medium and firm.
  • Bear
    Memory foam mattresses of this brand are incredibly soft and lush. They use high-quality material that makes it rather expensive in comparison with its counterparts. This is because Bear mattress covers are made of exquisite material and also because the brand uses graphite gel memory foam.
  • Amerisleep
    Amerisleep is one of the oldest brands of memory foam mattresses available online. They make mattresses that are immensely comfortable and designed in a manner to satisfy customers with different requirements. Definitely, they are not the cheapest but they do sell at their quoted price. This brand has good user reviews.
  • Zinus
    Zinus is a good option as this brand sells mattresses that are durable and available at reasonable prices. A queen size mattress costs around $300.

These recommendations will enable you to analyze your needs, review and compare the brands,  and find the right mattress.

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